Visitor Pre-Registration and Invitations

    April 22nd, 2020

    Last updated: April 22nd, 2020

      You use LobbyConnect to make sure your guests feel welcome in your office space. You can help them feel prepared for the visit by pre-registering them for the visit to your office.

      When they check-in with their invite, their information is pre-populated and their check-in experience is smooth an efficient.

      This article covers

      • Enabling Pre-registration for your account
      • How users complete registration when in the lobby
      • How to create individual pre-registration invites
      • How to create bulk pre-registration invites
      • Inviting guests via the Teem Plug-in

      Enable Pre-Registration

      To allow pre-registration, you must first the setting for your account. 

      1. Login to and navigate to Manage > Teem Account > Enable Features.

      2. Find the Visitor Pre-Registration section and toggle the setting to ON.

      Guest Check-in as a Pre-Registered Guest

      Whether a guest has received the email invite, when they arrive at the lobby they can go through a faster check-in flow. 

      1. Guest arrives to the LobbyConnect device and clicks on the bottom menu. 

      2. Click Have an Invite. 

      3. This will populate their details screen with their pre-registration info to verify. Guests may still need to take a photo or sign an NDA based on your company settings. 

      4. Once their check-in is complete, they are ready for their host!

      Pre-Registering Visitors

      Once this feature is enabled for your account, you and your employees can invite visitors to your office. 

      1. Login to As a general user, you will see two options in the menu, Booking Tools and My Visitors. Click on My Visitors from the menu.

      2. The user will see their list of guests invited for today. They can navigate to a different day if necessary. If they have Global Admin level permissions, they can filter to see All Visitors in addition to their own. 


      3. Click on New Invite to create an invitation.

      3. In the slide-out window provide the visitor's information:

      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Email Address 
      • Arrival Date
      • Arrival Time
      • Check-In Location - Office location the person will visit
      • Purpose of Visit - Select the reason for the visit
      • Host - Search and select the name of the host
      • Custom Email Message - Details or information regarding the visit.

      4. Some companies prefer to pre-register their guests for their internal log and don't send the email invite. If you would like an invitation email to be sent to the visitor, select the Send an email invitation to the visitors checkbox. An email that includes the address, map and personal message will be sent to you guest. 

      Bulk Pre-Registration

      If you have a larger group of guests you want to invite to your office, you can create multiple invites through a simple CSV upload.

      1. Prepare a CSV file with your list of visitor information. 

      You must upload a CSV with three header names: First Name, Last Name, and Email. Click here to download a template.

      2. Navigate to the My Visitor tab in the Teem menu. 

      3. Click New Invite.

      4. In the window, select Upload CSV. This will prompt you to search for your pre-populated CSV file of guests.

      5. Teem will automatically parse the data from the CSV. Upon completion, you will see a list of individual entries pulled from the uploaded CSV.

      6. Input the remaining visitor information for that group. 

      • Arrival Date
      • Arrival Time
      • Check-In Location - Office location the person will visit
      • Purpose of Visit - Select the reason for the visit
      • Host - Select the name of the host
      • Custom Email Message - Enter a note regarding the visit that the invited person(s) will see
      • Each upload will be registered for the same visit date and time. Create a different upload or registration for visits for another date/time.
      • Different hosts cannot be specified for each uploaded guest.

      7. If you would like an invitation email to be sent to the visitor, click the checkbox next to Send an email invitation to the visitors

      8. Select Save.

      Inviting via the Teem Plug-in/Add-in

      Make sure you have the Teem Plugin installed in your calendaring service, you can easily pre-register guests when creating an event.

      1. Make sure you are logged into your Teem plug-in on your calendaring service. 

      2. Create a new calendar event and populate with all relevant information (date, time, location, guest.)

      3. The plugin will note if you have guests invited to your event. Navigate to the Guests tab on the plugin. 

      4. You'll see a list of guests. Select a checkbox next to their email if you want to pre-register their visit. 

      5. Enter any custom message and click Send an email invitation to visitor

      6. Save your calendar meeting and emails will be sent to your guests. 

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