LobbyConnect V3 - Beta Participant Instructions

    May 1st, 2020

    Last updated: November 21st, 2019

      Beta Participants Only

      This article only applies to customers participating in the LobbyConnect V3 Beta program.

      We sincerely appreciate your willingness to beta test our app and provide feedback! We know it takes time from your busy days. We will be responsive in addressing any questions or concerns you may have during the beta. 

      Setting Up TestFlight

      We will test the beta app through TestFlight. Follow the instructions below in sequential order to set up LobbyConnect V3. 

      Once the new version is set up, you will be able to toggle back to LobbyConnect V2 as needed. 

      1. Update your iPad OS to run iOS 11 or newer. You can update by going to Settings > General. LobbyConnect V3 is not supported on older operating systems.

      2. Once the iPad OS is updated,  update LobbyConnect to the latest version (v.2.1.3). Click here or search in the AppStore.

      • Once the new version is downloaded, open the app to ensure the settings are properly syncing. Do not skip this step!

      3. Download TestFlight to your lobby device. Click here or search in the AppStore

      4. Login to TestFlight with the Apple ID on the device. You may need to create a new Apple ID.  

      5. Check your email for an invite from TestFlight to test LobbyConnect V3. Open this email on your laptop or a device separate from the lobby iPad.

      6. In the email, click View in TestFlight.  Note of the pro redemption code.

      7. Open TestFlight on your lobby device and click Redeem.

      8. Enter the code you received. Once redeemed, you will see LobbyConnect V3 appear in TestFlight’s list of apps.

      9. Select LobbyConnect V3 and click Install. The app will download to your device. 

      10. Once downloaded, open LobbyConnect V3. The device will automatically activate and sync with the V2 settings.

      Note the following:

      • Deactivation: If you deactivate either version of LobbyConnect, it will deactivate both devices from your Teem account. You will have to reactivate through app.teem.com.
      • Licensing: Beta testing this app will not utilize a new license if installed on a device that currently has a licensed LobbyConnect V2. If installed separately, you will need to utilize a new Teem license. 

      Providing Feedback

      Let us know what you think about the improvements! Here's how you can provide feedback:

      1. Email to Deborah Weiss ([email protected]), LobbyConnect Product Manager. We may schedule a call to clarify your feedback as needed.

      2. Email through TestFlight.You can send screenshots and crash reports directly through TestFlight.

      • Open TestFlight.
      • Select LobbyConnect V3.
      • Click Send Beta Feedback.
      • If you have a screenshot capturing the issue, you can choose to include it in the email.
      • Click Submit.

      Updating the Beta App

      As we respond to feedback, we will push updated versions of the beta app. You will be notified via email about any updates. To update your app:

      1. Open TestFlight on your lobby device.

      2. Click on LobbyConnect V3.

      3. Click Update.

      4. Once updated, Open the LobbyConnect app.

      Setting up your Color Theme

      With this new version, you can now set theme colors for the buttons and fields of your device. Set up theme colors by doing the following:

      1. Open LobbyConnect V3.

      2. On the Launch page, click Set Accent Color.

      3. Using a Hex code provided by your design team, type in the hex code (ex: #FF00BB) in the field and click Save. See the change in the example buttons.

      The background for the check-in pages will remain white. Be selective in choosing lighter colors to avoid contrast issues.

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