Set Accent Color for V3

    Instructions on how to upgrade to the latest version of LobbyConnect

    Last updated: May 4th, 2020

      With LobbyConnect 3.0 you have an option to set the fields and action buttons to match your company colors. 

      1. One you activate your LobbyConnect V3 device, you will see this Launch screen. 

      2. Click Set Accent Color. On the screen you will see an option to input a Hex Code. Contact your brand design team for the right hex code but try a few variations (e.g. #ffooff or #4d4dff) and see how the Sample UI responds to the changes. This is what the user will see when they check in.  

      3. Make sure the color selected is still readable by the user. To help with this, we auto-adjust the text color when the background color is lighter. The image above shows the text as white, while the image below shows the action text as black. 

      While we can't be 100% accurate our prediction, we hope it will help your users when they check-in.

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