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    April 21st, 2020

    Last updated: April 21st, 2020

      One important feature of LobbyConnect is to notify your employees when their guests check-in. This speeds up your guest's time in the lobby and makes them feel welcome in your space. 

      This article will review how to set up the feature and manage host user groups within Teem. 

      Enabling Host Search

      Host selection is automatically enabled on LobbyConnect.

      You can skip this option by enabling the Skip Contact Host setting under Manage >> Apps and Integrations >> LobbyConnect. This means that that screen where the guest selects their host will not populate. This also means that no hosts will be notified of the guest's arrival. 

      Check-In Notifications

      To ensure your employees are notified quickly of their guest's arrival, you can set up the Check-in Notification method to include SMS, Email, or Both. You can also add our Slack integration to include a slack notifications. 

      1. Navigate to the LobbyConnect settings under >> Manage >> Apps and Integrations >> LobbyConnect. 

      2. Make sure the "Skip Contact Host" setting is turned off. 

      3. Scroll to the Contact method and select your preferred notification channel. 

      4. Users will need to have their email, or phone number included in their Teem user profile in order to receive notifications. Learn more here.

      Host White/Black Lists

      In certain cases, you may want to specify which of your users display on the LobbyConnect host list. You can do this by creating a user group and then adding it to the LobbyConnect white or blacklist under global settings.

      Whitelist is a selection of users you want to display on LobbyConnect.

      Blacklist is a selection of users you want to hide on LobbyConnect. 

      Blacklists override whitelists, so if a user is a member of a whitelisted group and a blacklisted group that affects the same location, the blacklist will trump the whitelist and the user will not be shown.

      General White/Black List Set Up

      If you only have one lobby and don't need to specify user groups by location, you can just apply the White/Black Lists for your LobbyConnect global settings. For location specific overrides, review the next section. 

      1. First sync your users and groups, from your company directory. Teem will automatically create the same user groups. If your synced groups aren't exactly what you need, you can  create a new group.  

      2. Navigate to LobbyConnect settings Manage >> Apps and Integrations >> LobbyConnect

      3. Scroll down to Host White/Black Lists

      4. Click into the white or black list field and type out the name of the group list you want to apply. See below for more clarification on white/black lists. 

      Location-specific White/Black List Set Up

      If you want to specify which of your users display on the LobbyConnect host list for a specific location, you can apply a user group at the location level using Location Overrides instead of the global LobbyConnect settings.

      1. Navigate to the location directory

      2. Select the building or location where you want to apply unique settings. 

      3. Once you select the building, you'll see its details display. Click Edit Overrides.

      4. A window will display indicating settings overrides for that location. At the top there are two tabs, one for Booking & Room Display settings and another for LobbyConnect Reception Displays. Navigate to the LobbyConnect tab (see image below.)

      5. Within the LobbyConnect overrides, scroll down to the Host White/Black Lists setting and input a user group. The list will appear and a red icon will display, indicating that you are using a local override instead of the inherited global or default setting.

      6. Click save

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