Employee Notifications of Visitor Arrivals

    April 22nd, 2020

    Last updated: April 22nd, 2020

      When a visitor checks in, LobbyConnect will send notifications to the employee host. This ensures the host is notified immediately of a guest's arrival so they don't have to wait, forgotten, in the lobby.

      This article will review:

      • Setting up your notification methods (SMS, email, or Slack)
      • Setting up and managing your Visitor Watchlist

      Setting Up SMS or Email Notifications

      Depending on the method of contact, the host's information must be included in their user. We can't contact a host via SMS if we don't have their number!

      1. Sign in to the Teem admin dashboard and navigate to Manage > Apps & Integrations > LobbyConnect. 

      2. Scroll  to the section labeled Check-in Notifications. Make sure Skip Contact Employee is disabled. This will ensure the host selection screen shows up on your device. 

      3. Set up the preferred Contact Method. You can select SMS only, email only or both.  

      4. Make sure your user's information includes relevant contact information. 

      Check-In Notifications Dashboard LobbyConnect

      Setting Up the a Chat Integration

      We currently support Slack and Hipchat as methods to notify your hosts via chat. These integrations may be available for certain pricing tiers. Please verify with your Account Executive.

      To learn more about the Slack integration, click here.

      To learn more about the HipChat integration, click here

      Frequently Asked Questions

      • Can guests text back and forth with their hosts? If you select SMS messaging, the employee host has the option of messaging back and forth with the visitor if we collect the visitor phone number. When messaging back and forth, both parties’ phone numbers are anonymized for privacy within our Twilio provider.
      • Can guests email back and forth with their hosts? We do not support this functionality at this time. 
      • What if an employee host doesn't have their phone number associated with their user? If the phone number is blank, we will send an email as an alternative method of contact, provided we have their email. Similarly, if email is selected and we do not have a valid email, we will then try to send an SMS message.
      • Do you provide a delegate notification method? We do not provide a way to set up a delegate to notify when a guest arrives. However, you can use the Visitor Watchlist within Teem or a create a distribution email in your directory. 

      Visitor Watchlist

      The Visitor Watchlist allows you to designate individuals to be alerted when any guest with a known security concern checks in. In addition to improving security, this allows you to have a better overall awareness of who is entering your space. You may also choose to use this feature to be notified when a VIP guest arrives. 

      Watchlist Matching Threshold 

      Each company may have a different criteria in determining a security concern. To address this, here's how our watchlist works: 

      • When you add someone to your watchlist, you include any information you have about them. This may include their First Name, Last Name, Phone and Email. 
      • When a guest checks in, we compare their information against the watchlist information you've included to see if it matches. 
      • If it matches, we notify you. 

      You will set up a matching threshold to determine how often we notify you. Maybe you want to be notified for every John that comes into your office. Maybe you want every John with the email [email protected] to trigger an alert. For some individuals you may only have limited information.

      The matching threshold determines how exact a match you want before an alert is sent. 

      Setting Up the Watchlist Criteria

      1. Login to app.teem.com. Navigate to Manage > Visitors > Watchlist. 

      2. Click on the Settings icon to the right of Visitor Watchlist.

      3. A window will  appear displaying Watchlist Settings. 

      4. If you would like to receive watchlist alert notifications, first enable alerts. 

      5. Next set the alert threshold. This threshold indicates what information provided by the guest at check-in needs match the information in the Watchlist.

      • 20% means that first or last name  match to trigger alert
      • 40%  means the phone number OR email must match (no name is required) to trigger alert
      • 60% means the first name, last name, phone number OR email must match to trigger alert
      • 80% means the phone number AND email (no name is required) must match to trigger alert
      • 100% match means that all fields must match to trigger an alert

      6. Set up an Alert Contact for individuals who should  be alerted when a Watchlist individual checks in. Click the blue ( + ) sign next to Alert Contacts. Add their name, email address, and phone number. Make sure to click Add Contact in order to save the entry.

      You can add multiple security contacts – everyone on the list will receive the email when an alert is triggered.

      The  alerts for the Watchlist  is global. It can’t be set up by location.

      Add Alert Contact LobbyConnect

      Adding an Individual to the Watchlist

      1. Login to app.teem.com and navigate to Manage > Visitors > Watchlist.

      2. This Watchlist tab will display a list of all the people you'd like to "be on the lookout" for when they arrive at your lobby.

      Visitor Watchlist Dashboard

      2. To add a new watchlist entry, click on Visitor. A window will appear where you can enter the details of the person on your Watchlist.

      Add Visitor to Watchlist LobbyConnect6. Click Save. The new entry will be displayed in the watchlist.

      Visitor Watchlist Entry LobbyConnect

      Managing Alerts

      When someone on the watchlist checks in, the security contacts will receive an email notifying that person has checked in at your location. Their information will also appear in the Visitor Watchlist Alert log. 

      You can find this log by logging into app.teem.com. Navigate to Manage > LobbyConnect > Alerts. 

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