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    April 30th, 2020

    Last updated: April 30th, 2020

      A contract is an NDA, waiver, or another type of agreement that you can require guests to sign when checking in with LobbyConnect.

      Creating a Contract

      1. Login to and navigate to Manage > Visitors > Contracts. 

      2. Within the contracts screen, click the +Contract button to create a new contract.

      Visitor Contracts Dashboard LobbyConnect

      3. Fill out the contract details and settings:

      • Give the contract a name e.g. "General NDA."
      • Add a contract description.
      • Is active? Means the contract is available to use with a visitor type. This must be active in order to assign it to a visitor type.
      • Is default? Means that this contract will be the default selected when a visitor types does not have an assigned contract
      • Require Reup? Reup is a term used to describe when you renew an agreement. This setting is asking if you want to require that guests re-sign their contract every time they visit. 
      • Valid Days? is the number of days you allow a guest to visit your office without having to re-sign the contract. For example, if you put '30' then your guests will only have to resign the contract every 30 days instead of every time they visit. 
      • Type or copy the text for the contract into the Contract Body field.

      5. Save Contract. The contract is now available on your account.

      Note: You can only assign one contract per visitor type.

      Add New Version of Contract for LobbyConnect

      Assign a Contract to a Visitor Type

      1. Navigate to Manage > Visitors > Types. For information on visitor types see here.

      2. Click the visitor type you want to assign a contract.

      3. Scroll down to the Contract section and from the drop down, select the name of the contract. 

      4. Click Save Changes.

      Updating a Contract

      1. Navigate to the Contracts tab.

      2. Find the appropriate contract, and click on the contract name to see details.

      3. Complete any updates.

      4. Click the Save Changes button. The changes you made will appear for any visitor type this contract is assigned.

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