Space Profiles

    Simplify how you manage spaces

    Last updated: August 21st, 2020

      Space Profiles use a template-based model rather than location inheritance to apply settings and attributes to a room, desk, or lobby.

      Attributes like capacity or amenities that had to be manually set at every space can now be configured at the profile level and applied to new or existing spaces.

      Creating a Profile

      Step 1 — Create a Profile

      Navigate to Manage > Locations > Space Profiles 

      Select "Create Profile"

      Step 2 — Define Profile Attributes

      Once you create a profile and give it a name, you'll be dropped into the "Attributes" tab. You can define Capacity, Notes, add a Photo, and select a space's Amenities.

      Step 3 — Define Profile Settings 

      Under the "Settings" tab, you can define a space's Booking and Display Settings. 

      Step 4 — Adding Spaces

      The Rooms/Desks/Lobbies tab is where you can add resources to the profile you just created. Click the "Add" button, and you'll see a modal where you can select, add, and apply spaces to the profile.

      Locking Attributes

      You can lock an attribute at the profile level or leave it unlocked. An unlocked attribute can be overridden at the space level. A locked attribute cannot be overridden at the space level. 

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