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    Book rooms and desks from your desktop browser.

    Last updated: November 5th, 2020

      Booking Tools lets users search for and book conference rooms and desks licensed and managed by Teem. This article will show you how to reserve space directly from your desktop browser using the Teem site. Users with User level permissions will be able to access the Booking Tool to reserve available space.

      Prerequisites for Admins

      In order to use Booking Tools you’ll need to satisfy the requirements as listed below. You must be have Admin level permissions to complete these setup steps. (How to set permissions)

      1. The Teem Organization has been defined with a minimum of campus, building, floor, room or desk. (How to create an organization)
      2. The room or desk has an active license. (How to create a room)
      3. The room has an assigned calendar (How to set up a calendar)

      Non-Required Setup for Admins

      These are additional setup items that are technically not required but will enable a more rich experience within the Teem ecosystem. You must be have Admin level permissions to complete these setup steps. (How to set permissions)

      1. Assign amenities to rooms or desks (How to assign room amenities)
      2. Configure the Work Requests setting (How to configure work requests)
      3. Import/Add users to Teem (how to manage user in TEEM)

      Opening the Booking Tools

      Navigate to the left menu on your Teem dashboard and expand the navigation item Booking Tools, then click the sub-item Reserve a Space. Here, you will be able to search for available rooms and desks.

      Finding and Reserving a Room

      You can search for available rooms based on day, time, and capacity preferences. Expand the Filter drop down to apply additional preferences, such as the type of amenities (phone, whiteboard, TV) and location.

      Click on the room you want to book to enter the reservation details. You can enter an Event Name, Description, and invite additional participants. Click Reserve to schedule the meeting. This will reserve time on the calendar linked to your Teem account as well as send an invitation to the attendees' emails.

      Finding and Reserving a Desk

      Not all companies use the desk reservation feature. If this feature is available, the you will be able to filter available spaces to show only desks.

      You can search for available desks by date and whether you need “Half Day (AM)”, “Half Day (PM)”, or a “Full Day” reservation. Selecting an available desk will open the reservation details where you can fill in additional information such as Event Name, Description, and participants. Click Reserve to create the event.

      How to View Your Reservations

      You can view your scheduled reservations by selecting Booking Tools > My Reservations. The view includes all events that are booked in Teem or on a calendar that is synchronized with Teem (even if space has not been reserved for the specific event).

      From here, you can also Update or Cancel your reservation by clicking an event and selecting the appropriate action.

      How to View a Space's Calendar

      Users can view the calendar for any registered room or desk they are able to reserve. To view the room or desk schedule visit the Find a Space view and select a desired space. Click the Calendar icon to view the space's calendar.

      The room or desk reservation calendar view will present all current events for the selected day. Note: the view honors the privacy settings applied to events in that space, so meetings will be marked as “private” and the viewer will not be able to see additional details without the proper permissions.

      How to Create a Work Request

      In order to create Work Requests, your company must have the feature enabled and configured. You must be an admin to make these changes. (How to set up Work Request).

      Once configured and enabled, there are three ways to submit work requests from Booking Tools.  

      1. Click the Warning icon after selecting a room or desk from the Reserve a Space search.
      2. Click Submit a Work Request from a room or desk calendar.
      3. Click Submit a Work Request from the event details in My Reservations

      Once either option is clicked, the work request page will open and you can input a description of the problem and the affected amenity (if applicable). 

      Supported Web Browsers

      We support the latest versions of Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, as well as Internet Explorer 11 and above. 


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