Ports Needed for Teem Setup

    This article provides the ports needed to be opened up for use with Teem products.

    Last updated: October 18th, 2019

      This article provides the ports needed to be opened up for use with Teem products. This step is only necessary for organization with certain firewall and security measures in place. This article is updated periodically and is intended as a quick reference.

      Port Service or Protocol Name Service Name
      80 Hypertext Transfer Protocol http
      443 Secure Sockets Layer https
      123 Network Time Protocol ntp
      2195 Apple Push Notification Service -
      2196 Apple Push Notification Service -
      5223 Apple Push Notification Service -
      5228 Android GCM Port -
      5229 Android GCM Port -
      5230 Android GCM Port -

      FOR EXCHANGE ACCOUNTS: With some security setups, firewalls can still pose an issue with communication. If the above ports have been opened, a calendar is selected for each room, and no calendar information is being shown, we may need a specific exemption set up for your Exchange server.  Teem needs an inbound connection open from the following IP address to your Exchange server (port 443):


      In addition, we have created two dedicated IP addresses to accept push notifications from Exchange, which will allow us to update your devices as soon as events are created or changed.  Teem needs outbound connections open from your exchange server to the following IP addresses (port 443):


      *Note that these IP addresses are subject to change in the future.

      If there are multiple firewalls in your organization, it may need to be added in multiple places. (for more information on syncing with Exchange, check out our Exchange Sync Infographic). 

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