LobbyConnect 3.0 Overview (for Current Customers)

    May 4th, 2020

    Last updated: May 4th, 2020

      LobbyConnect 3.0 improves upon LobbyConnect V2 with a much cleaner look and feel, improved UI, and faster check-in time.

      It speeds up the time your guest spends in the lobby, so that they can get to what's important!

      What is New?

      • Simplified guest check-in flow: we gather details from your guest in a faster and more streamlined flow
      • Enhanced security: Host search, returning visitor flow, and check out include exact email matches to ensure private information can't be discovered by other users
      • Faster Load Times: Better handling of large host lists and visitor contracts
      • Company branding: Select a color that matches your brand for fields and action buttons
      • Keyboard improvements: With predictive text, keypad and other subtle changes, guests will be able to input their information without frustration
      • Automatic photo countdown: Instead of a somewhat awkward selfie, guests can position themselves for an automatic photo
      • Clearer contract signing: Improved scrolling for longer contracts and better flow when signing
      • Custom text fields: Gather custom information from your guests to help make them feel welcome in your space
      • Intuitive Badge Printer set up: Simple auto detect to find printers on your wifi network or manually connect and test the connection.

      What isn't supported?

      We work hard to ensure a quality experience for our user. This new version is at parity with V2 in all features except the following:

      • Local Device Contact Sync: If you're using users from your device to populate the host list, you'll need to use one of our user management integrations or input your contacts manually into the Teem admin.
      • Streamlined Badge Sizes: We're deprecating any badge sizes other than the Brother 62x100 di-cut or continuous badge. If you're using one of Teem's default badge designs, your badge will automatically update to print on the new size. You will have to update the roll used in the printer. If you have a custom badge theme, please work with your CSM to update to the right size. 
      • Visitor Type Logo: We will no longer support including a visitor logo to the visitor type.
      • Phone Number Identification for Returning Visitors: We now only use email as the primary identifier for returning visitors.

      Supported Devices

      LobbyConnect V3 will function on any iPad that can run iOS 11 and later. For Apple's list of supported devices, click here

      While LobbyConnect will work on a variety of iOS 11 supported tablets, we recommend you don't use iPads will small screens (such as a mini) due to the constricted user experience when checking in.

      V2 Deprecation

      LobbyConnect 2.0 will continue to be available and maintained for current customers as we roll out LobbyConnect 3.0. As we gather additional feedback and feel the new version is stable, we will announce deprecation dates. Current customers will be able to toggle between both versions if needed.

      All new customers should use LobbyConnect 3.0 to avoid an additional implementation down the road. 

      Setting Up LobbyConnect 3.0

      If you're a current LobbyConnect customer, will you have to set up this new app from scratch? No! 

      We want to minimize the impact of this change and help you start benefiting from the new version immediately.

      Please review and follow these instructions for a seamless set up.

      Current LobbyConnect Customer

      If you're a current customer and have LobbyConnect V2 fully functioning on your teem account, we encourage you follow these steps to migrate your V2 settings to LobbyConnect 3.0: 


      • Ensure your iPad  is running iOS 11 or later. Update by going to Settings > General on your device.
      • Update your current LobbyConnect to version 2.1.4 or later. Make sure you launch V2.1.4 to ensure the settings are syncing and set up properly.

      1. Download LobbyConnect 3.0 from the app store to your lobby device. 

      2. Launch V3. If you have followed the two prerequisite steps, V3 will automatically activate and you will be directed to the Launch Screen. You will not have to assign a new license. V3 is applying the license already assigned to V2. 

      3. All LobbyConnect settings (background image, visitor types, required fields, notifications, etc.) will be synced. 

      4. Click Set Up Printer and test the printer to make sure it's properly connected. 

      4. Click Set Accent Color to set up your company branded color. This is a new feature and will have to be set up for each device. You will soon be able to manage this from the Teem admin. 

      5. Once you're satisfied with your device settings, click Launch. This will take you to the Welcome Screen. You can now check-in guests!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What happens when I delete V2? It will be deleted from your device, but V3 will remain activated on Teem.

      What happens if I want to set up V3 as a separate instance? If you have set up V3 from a V2 instance, and want to disconnect it, you can just click Deactivate on the V3 Launch page. This will now allow you to set up V3 as a separate LobbyConnect instance. It will require a separate LobbyConnect license. 

      How do I navigate back to the Launch screen when I'm setting up LobbyConnect? If you've Launched the app to the check-in mode and want to return to verify the settings or deactivate, just quickly tap 5 times on the Welcome Screen. This will prompt you to navigate back to the Launch Screen. 

      Providing Feedback

      Let us know what you think about the improvements! Provide feedback to [email protected]

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