Google Apps for Work Calendar Integration

    February 3rd, 2020

    Last updated: February 3rd, 2020

      If you use Google Apps for your workplace email and calendars, you’ll need to set up our Google Calendars integration to get started with EventBoard, Desks, and Teem Mobile.

      Create a Management Account in Google Apps for Work

      You’ll need to have a regular user account that has access to room calendars in order for you to sync events. You can choose what to call this account, in this example, we’ll call it a Management Account, as it manages rooms for you. 

      Any account can be used as a management account, but we recommend creating one that won’t be used for anything but managing the Room Resource Calendars. This way, no personal calendars or data will be used.

      To create a management account in Google, follow these steps:

      1. Start in your Google admin console
      2. Click on Users.

      3. Click the plus button on the bottom right to create a new user.

      4. Fill in the required information. We recommend using something like [email protected]. For this example, we will use [email protected].

      Create Room Resources in Google Apps for Work

      Note: You will need to be a Super administrator within Google Apps for Work to proceed with the steps in this article.

      Like Exchange, Google Apps for Work has Resource Calendars, which are great for having a calendar for a room without having a user for it. Here's how to create a room resource.

      1. Login to (Again, be sure you are logged in as a Super Administrator within Google Apps for Work.)
      2. Click on Apps.
      3. Then go to G Suite.
      4. Then click on Calendar.

      5. Here you will select the Resources section.
      6. Click the plus button to Create a new resource or use a resource that has already been created.
      7. The form includes category, type, building, Floor, and more. Resource Name is the most important field. For this example, we’ll use “Teem Support Resource” as the Resource Name.

      Subscription and Permissions

      Now that the room resource has been created, we want to access and subscribe to it. We will also want to change the permissions so that we can not only read the calendars, but write to them.

      To access, subscribe, and change a calendar from Read to Read and Write, we need to access the calendars from the dedicated Management account and share them specifically with the same Management account.  Google recently changed the way this is done and requires the specific Management account to subscribe to the calendar in two parts:

      1. Sign into Management account to subscribe to the resource calendar
      2. Assign sharing permissions to the Management account

      Follow these steps.


      1. Log in to the designated calendar Management account.
      2. Go to calendars.
      3. Click the plus sign to the right of the Add a Coworker’s Calendar slot. 

      4. Select Browse Calendars.

      5. Select the building your resource exists in. For our example, our resource is in the Sweet Candy Building and is called Teem support resources.

      6. Scroll to find the applicable resources that were created for your domain and check the box to the right to subscribe to that resource. 

      7. Once subscribed, click on Back to Calendar, located at the top of the screen. You will see the room resource calendars you subscribed to show up on your left, usually under Other Calendars. You have now accessed and subscribed to the room resource calendar.


      1. Now you need to set permissions to read and write for the room resource calendar. Do this by selecting the menu next to the room calendar name you wish to change permissions on.

      2. Select Settings and Sharing.

      3. From the right, you can click on Share with Specific People or simply scroll down to that specific section.


      4. Then click on Add People. Use your management account. For us, that is  [email protected].

      5. Change permissions to Make changes AND manage sharing.

      6. Click save.

      In our Management Account, if the room calendars appear under the 'Other Calendars' section, then they are read only. If they appear under 'My Calendars' that means we have permission to write to those calendars.

      Sync with Teem

      Now you’re ready to sync accounts with Teem.

      1. Log into
      2. Use the left menu to navigate to Manage.
      3. Then click on Calendars.

      4. Then click on the plus button in the top left corner.

      5. Teem can sync with several calendar systems. For this article, we will select Google Apps by selecting the Google Apps icon.

      Note: We sync using Google's built in OAUTH API. If you are not logged into a Google account, you will be prompted to do so. Also, make sure you log into your work management account, not your personal account.

      6. Once logged into your management account, you’ll be asked if you want to allow Teem access to the account. Clicking Accept will allow us access to the calendars. We will then ask Google for a list of calendars, which we will have available as a pool to be associated on any Room.

      7. After a few moments you can press the yellow refresh button to view all pulled in calendars for the account. Once refreshed they will populate within the page. 

      8. Now you can assign a calendar to a space. Just click on Assign a space. A right menu will pop up.

      9. Select a room.
      10. Then click Save. This view displays the calendar's name, Sync status, Read/Write status, and last sync time directly from this view.

      Add More Rooms Later

      Should you create more rooms later and want those calendars available in the Teem admin dashboard, all you need to do is follow the steps above for Creating a Resource, Subscription and Permissions, and refresh your calendars at This will have our service check for an updated list of calendars.

      And that’s it! From start to finish, everything you would need to start syncing with Google Apps!

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