How to Use the Teem Outlook Add-in

    March 8th, 2018

    Last updated: March 8th, 2018

      Once the Teem Outlook Add-in has been installed, simply opening your Outlook instance will allow it to run. 

      1. In Outlook, go to calendar view.
      2. Open an appointment creation window.
      3. Click the Room Finder Add-in by Teem. A drawer menu will then prompt you to sign in.

      How to Use Outlook Add-in with Teem

      4. Sign in using your name and password. If you are using our Office 365 SSO, Google SSO, or SAML login options, those buttons will be accessible below the username and password fields.

      How to Use Outlook Add-in Teem SSO

      5. Once you’ve successfully signed in. You’ll be prompted to authorize the Teem Outlook Add-in to access resources. Please select the Authorize option.

      How to Use Outlook Add-in Authorzation

      6. The next screen will ask you to set your Default Location. These are the floors and rooms you most commonly use. Our add-in will restrict the search results to these spaces by default.

      How to Use Outlook Add-in Default Location

      How to Use Outlook Add-in Default Location

      7. When the location has been set, Teem will display the available resources for the time frame specified in the appointment window. By selecting any resource on this list, the resource name will be populated in the location field of your meeting creation screen.

      Teem How to Use Outlook Add-in Resources

      8. If you’d like to utilize additional filters to find spaces that better fit your needs, you can click the filter icon on the upper right side of the window. This will allow you to adjust your default location, add a room capacity filter, and also sort by room amenities like an Apple TV or a projector.

      How to Use Outlook Add-in Filters

      And that’s how you find the perfect room for your upcoming meeting with Teem’s Outlook Add-in.

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