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    January 4th, 2018

    Last updated: January 4th, 2018

      Our Workplace Insights are transitioning to a new look and feel. You can see this transition on the new landing page and in reports as they are improved. True Utilization and Unattended Meetings have already been updated. We'll continue to update the rest of the reports over the next few months. 

      Workplace Insights Overview

      Our new Workplace Insights are intended to be a guided experience where all of the information you need can be found within each report. This includes a glossary of terms that can be accessed by simply clicking on any underlined word within a report.

      For reports that have not been updated, the documents below are still relevant. Expect changes as updates and improvements on Workplace Insights continue throughout the next few months.

      Insights (Pending Updates)

      How Long Do Meetings Last? Shows the average and median meeting length of meetings. It also allows you to group your percentage of meetings by length and compare your average meeting length by location.

      Insights Reporting and Analytics Teem Conference Room Management

      What’s our typical meeting size? Using this Insight, you can find out the average number of attendees per meeting across the board. You can also find out the total number of unique attendees, the meetings per attendee, and the change versus the prior period. Sorting average meeting sizes per location is also an option.

      Attendees per Typical Meeting Reporting Teem Mobile App

      How far in advance are meetings scheduled? This insight is delivered as a histogram will provide you an idea of how far in advance people are booking their meetings. It also includes the percentage of meetings that are planned in advance and the percentage of meetings that are ad-hoc

      Meeting Booking Lead Time Analytics Teem App

      How much waste do we recapture using EventBoard displays? Recapturing indicates the meeting hours made available when EventBoard cancels no-show meetings from room schedules. Your recaptured rate is calculated by taking the hours recaptured and dividing by the number of hours canceled from no-show meetings. If you haven't turned on the Check-In feature for your rooms, you won't be able to recapture any no-show meeting time.

      Recapture Rate Over Time Statistics Meeting Room Analytics

      Visitor overview helps you understand what type of visitors are your most frequent as well as the quantity of each type of visitor.

      Visitors by Type Analytics. Meeting Room Management

      Zombie Action Logs include recurring meetings that have failed to check in two or more consecutive times. These meetings are scheduled in rooms where the zombie action feature has been enabled. Your threshold settings determine when a cancellation and deletion action take place.

      Zombie Meetings Logs

      Technology (Amenities) overview shows which amenities are most used and which have the most problems reported through our Work Requests feature. These reports can help show what technologies are most successful in your organization, and which are the greatest burden on your facilities and tech teams.

      Most Popular Meeting Room Amenities

      Settings That Impact Insights

      Under EventBoard App Settings (Manage → Apps & Integrations → EventBoard), there are a myriad of different settings that can affect what Insights are available, how the numbers affect your business, and what they mean.

      Booking From Display has several items that can affect your Insights, including:

      • Allow Reservations impacts “How far in advance are meetings scheduled?” by allowing you to measure how many days in advance meetings are scheduled.
      • Check-in must be enabled so that “How much waste do we recapture using EventBoard displays?” data can be accrued.
      • Enable Work Requests allows the Insights metric under Technology → Amenities overview to measure which resources are functioning correctly and which ones are receiving frequent Work Request tickets.

      Under LobbyConnect App Settings (Manage → Apps & Integrations → LobbyConnect), there is one setting that can affect what Insights are available.

      • Visitor Types affects the data generated for Visitor overview when sorting visitors by type.

      What happened to Legacy Reports?

      Legacy Reports have been removed. Our efforts will now be invested in Workplace Insights. To learn more about this transition, go here.

      Supported Web Browsers

      We support the latest versions of Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox, as well as Internet Explorer 11 and above. 

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