Importing and Managing LobbyConnect Hosts

    April 21st, 2020

    Last updated: April 21st, 2020

      One important feature of LobbyConnect is to notify your employees when their guests check-in. This speeds up your guest's time in the lobby and makes them feel welcome in your space. 

      The host list is populated from the user list within Teem. This article will review methods for importing your user list into Teem.

      Populating the Host User List

      You can populate your user list in one of the following ways:

      Once you've successfully synced your user directory, all active users found in the Teem dashboard will appear on all LobbyConnect devices.

      If a user is disabled or deleted from Google, O365, or AD, they will no longer appear in Teem or show up on LobbyConnect in the host search.

      Managing your Host Lists

      With your users synced to Teem, you can manage who is visible on the LobbyConnect device. You can do this using our Groups and Permissions and "White List" or "Black List" certain users. Review this article for more information. 

      A Note on Import Methods

      A few legacy customers may still use an older method of managing LobbyConnect hosts directly from the device. If you are currently syncing your users locally from the iPad device, instructions can be found by clicking here. However, these methods are no longer supported and are deprecated if you use LobbyConnect V3.

      If you have any questions, contact our Support team at [email protected]

      Importing Local Contacts for Hosts (Legacy)

      Note: This is no longer supported on LobbyConnect V3. 

      1. Navigate to the Settings app on the iPad.

      2. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

      iOS LobbyConnect Importing Local Contacts

      3. Select Add Account.

      4. Select your account type -- Google, Exchange, etc.

      Select your account type iOS LobbyConnect

      5. Enter your credentials for your account

      Enter Credentials for LobbyConnect iOS

      6. Contacts should be toggled to green

      Allow Contacts to be Shared LobbyConnect

      Verify Contact Sync (Legacy)

      Once you have completed the setup above, wait a few minutes for the contacts to sync with your device. To confirm that your contacts have been successfully imported, navigate to the Contacts app.

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