Meeting Services - User Guide

    September 10th, 2018

    Last updated: September 10th, 2018

      Learn how to use Meeting Services when booking a room using our Teem Calendar Plugins. 

      Meeting Services allow you to request services for your meeting when using the add-in to book a room and includes things like catering, A/V requests, facilities requests, specific tech setup, etc. Admins can also add custom categories for unique service requests that your organization would like to support. The following steps show how to use Meeting Services when booking a meeting with the Teem Outlook Add-in.

      Note: This is shown using Outlook for Mac so please keep in mind that depending on the version of Outlook you use, your screen may look a little bit different. 

      Watch the video or download How to use the Teem Outlook Add-in

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      Video Thumbnail

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