How to Customize the LobbyConnect Welcome Screen

    April 27th, 2020

    Last updated: April 27th, 2020

      LobbyConnect allows you to customize the background image(s) and logo displayed on the welcome screen. 

      Adding Images to LobbyConnect Albums

      By default, LobbyConnect comes with a screensaver featuring a variety of images of bridges. Customers can also upload any set of images for their own customized screensaver.

      1. Login to and navigate to Manage > Apps & Integrations >  LobbyConnect.

      2. Under the LobbyConnect App Settings scroll to the Appearance section and Slideshow Background. 

      LobbyConnect App Settings Screen

      3. Click on Add/Edit Slideshow Albums. This will take you to the LobbyConnect media manager where you can manage your photo albums. Click the + Album button in the top right corner to create a new album.

      4. Give your new album a name and description then click Save & Manage Images. 

      5. You will be prompted to Upload Some Images. Drag and drop the images into the upload area or upload direct from your computer files. As they upload, the new screensaver images will appear in the album.

      6. Once you have added all your images, tap Done.

      Assigning Albums to the LobbyConnect Device

      Now that you've created your albums, you can assign your LobbyConnect device to display photos from an album.

      1. Navigate to Manage > Apps & Integrations > LobbyConnect.

      2. Scroll to the Appearance section and click Select Album.

      3. A window will appear where you can select an album from among those you created in the media manager.

      4. Once selected and saved, your screensaver will start appearing on your iPad device. Remember this change is for your global LobbyConnect settings. You can specify the album by location/device under location overrides. 

      Setting the Logo

      Make a positive first impression by customizing LobbyConnect’s welcome screen with your logo.

      1. Login to and navigate to Manage > Teem Account > Company Details.

      2. Upload logo files for both the Primary logo and the Inverse Logo.

      • The Primary Logo  is best for light-colored backgrounds and will be used on some of the emails sent to your guests. 
      • The Inverse Logo is best for dark-colored backgrounds and will be used on the LobbyConnect welcome screen.

      Note that the logo is set at the organization level and can't be over-ridden by location or device. If you want unique branding by location, we suggest not including an Inverse Logo and instead creating a custom background album with images related to that location. 

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