Create a Desk Space

    Create reservable Desks that your employees can book using Booking and the Teem mobile app.

    Last updated: September 5th, 2019

      Create reservable Desks that your employees can book using Booking and the Teem mobile app.

      Space Hierarchy and Override Settings

      Before creating a desk, it’s important to understand the Teem space hierarchy and override settings. Space hierarchy is the space structure for your entire organization that defines where your rooms live. 

      Teem’s Space Hierarchy’s various levels in order:  

      • Organization
      • Campus
      • Building
      • Floor
      • Space

      It’s important to note that you don’t have to set all hierarchy levels’ settings. Many deployments can just set the Organization settings and be ready to go. However, you can override settings anywhere within the hierarchy. Overrides give you the ability to make an exception to any of the default settings you’ve made for your organization, and have that exception apply to all levels below in the space hierarchy.

      Learn more about space hierarchy and override settings as well as recommended EventBoard Room Display settings here. 

      Creating a Desk Space

      Creating a desk is very similar to creating a room. To start, navigate to, then click Manage in the left menu, followed by Locations (nested under Manage). You will now see the Locations page for your Organization.

      Creating a Desk Space in Teem

      You will now see a Spaces tab, click on this. A yellow + button will appear next to Spaces. Click on this to add a new Space.

      Create Spaces Menu Teem

      Once you have clicked to add a space, a pop out will open to the right of the screen.

      New Space Details

      The first thing you will want to do, is choose the Space Type. In this case we are creating a Desk Space. Click on “Please select a Type” and choose the option of Desk.

      New Space Type in Teem

      Next, you’ll select the number of desks you’d like to create in this batch. The maximum number of desks that can be created at once is 50. They will share a naming convention, description, amenities, and location (these fields are explained below).

      New Desk Space Quantity by Teem

      You will then need to name your Desk, this will appear when searching for and booking the desk. If you’re creating multiple desks, include [#] in the desk name. [#] will be replaced with the desk number. I.e If you enter the name “Standing Desk [#]” then select 10 desks you’ll create Standing Desk 1, Standing Desk 2, Standing Desk 3… up to Standing Desk 10.

      New Space Details Overview by Teem

      Next is an option to add a Short Description. This could be a description of the location of the Desk for reference.

      New Space Short Description

      You will now see Amenities. Here you can select Amenities that are available for the desk(s) you’re creating, so that users can book desks with the amenities they need to be productive.

      New Meeting Space Amenities

      Now you will need to select the location in which the Desk will be living in your Organization. It is important to select an accurate location, as users filter desks by location when using Booking and Teem mobile.

      Room Location Box Teem

      Once you have chosen the location, be sure to click the Save button at the bottom.

      New Space Save Button Teem

      If the desk is showing as unlicensed, just refresh the page. The system won't let you build a desk if you don't have a license.

      Note: When you click Save, the system will auto-append a number to the desk name, i.e. Window Desk1. You can remove that by navigating to the Details button next to your newly created Desk. Or, if you don't want the number to be appended to the end of the name, use the special place holder of [#] anywhere you want in the name, and that is where the auto number will go.

      Troubleshooting and Common Questions

      Desk shows as unlicensed when created. On occasion, the desk is licensed after the page loads. Simply refresh the page.

      How do I set the calendar? With desks, we create a calendar for you. It currently does not sync with an Exchange or Google account. We create and manage the calendar, and you can book the desk through our Booking and Teem mobile tools.

      What time periods can users reserve desks for? Users can currently reserve desks for either the first half of the day (midnight to noon), the second half of the day (noon to midnight) or the full 24 hours.  

      How do I un-license or license a desk? Desk licenses are applied automatically. (Desk licenses are not the same as EventBoard licenses, See pricing) You can't create a desk if you don't have the licenses. If you find yourself short, please reach out to your account executive. If you have an extra desk, you can delete that under Space Setup.

      Where can I provide feedback about desks? We look forward to hearing from you! Please reach out to your account executive or the support team with feedback.

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