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    Our Booking tool lets end-users search for and book conference rooms and desks that are licensed and managed by Teem. Learn how to setup and use booking in this article.

    Last updated: November 4th, 2019

      Our Booking tool lets the end-users search for and book conference rooms and desks that are licensed and managed by Teem. For rooms, users can search by availability, by capacity, or by the assets within the room, like a phone or whiteboard. There’s no set up required once you’ve checked off the prerequisites listed above.


      In order to use Booking you’ll need to fulfill a few requirements as listed below:

      • Your company’s Teem account should have its structure built out to match your organization’s physical space. 
      • The rooms that will be used in Booking will need to be licensed and have a calendar attached. Read How to Create a Room or reach out to your account executive for details.
      • Assign Amenities to rooms and desks. Although not required, this step allows users to filter available rooms by Amenities and provides context for the Work Requests that come in, and makes it easier to manage your IT assets. See our Amenities article for details.
      • Set up User accounts so that users can access Booking. Read User Management for details.

      Got all that? Now you’re ready to set up and use Booking!

      How to Use Booking

      To get to Booking, navigate to the left anchor menu on your Teem admin dashboard and click on Employee Tools. Select Find A Room.

      How to Use Booking Teem

      You will land on the Booking page for Rooms, where you can search for available meeting rooms or desks. We'll walk through rooms first.

      Finding and Reserving a Room

      You can search for available rooms based on the day and time you need it, how many people the room should seat, and the type of amenities (phone, whiteboard, TV) you need in the room. You can also narrow your search by selecting a location.

      Find a Room Search Functionality Conference Rooms

      In the image below, I have selected my requirements for the meeting I need to schedule. Below the search requirements, you will see a list of available rooms that match the criteria I have selected. As you can see, two rooms match what I need for my meeting. I can choose either of these rooms by clicking on the name of the room (i.e. Death Star).

      Find a Room Search Functionality by Room Amenities

      Once you have clicked on the room you want to book, you will be taken to a screen with a description of the room you have selected. Below the description, you will be able to input the meeting details and invite meeting attendees.

      Reserve Screen Find Open Conference Room

      After entering your meeting information, click the Reserve button. You will be taken back to a screen displaying your reservations.

      Below your calendar you will see the meeting you have just created. In addition to the event you just created, the My Reservations section will also display any reservation you are an attendee of within the rooms or desks we have synced. If needed, you can select your reservation and either edit or cancel it.

      Note: It does not display all of the events from your calendar.

      My Meeting Room Reservations Screen

      Finding and Reserving a Desk

      Not all companies use the desk reservation feature. If this feature is available, you'll see an option under Employee Tools in your anchor menu labeled “Find a Desk.”

      Find a Desk Menu

      From here, you can select the date for your reservation, and whether you need Half Day AM, Half Day PM, or a Full Day reservation.

      After selecting your criteria, you will see a list of floors that have desks available to reserve.

      Find an Open Desk SearchClick on the box for that floor, which will bring up a list of available desks. (If you don't see any results here, contact your IT team so they can fix any problems with your company's desk reservations setup.)

      Available Desks Options

      Select and Confirm Reservation

      From the list of available desks, you can select a desk, and click Reserve.

      Other Functions

      Once you have reserved your desk, you can then see it under My Schedule. If needed, you can select your reservation and either edit or cancel it.

      With these steps done, users can book spaces using the Teem website!

      Supported Web Browsers

      We support the latest versions of Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox, as well as Internet Explorer 11 and above. 

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