Troubleshooting for EventBoard Room Displays

    This article addresses a few common errors and issues that our users have with the EventBoard room display app.

    Last updated: July 12th, 2017

      This article addresses a few common errors and issues that our users have with the EventBoard room display app.

      I am Getting ‘Failed to Reserve Meeting’ Error

      So, you have come up to the EventBoard display and clicked the Reserve button wanting to have a quick meeting. When you do, you get an error that says, 'Failed to Reserve Meeting: Your meeting could not be reserved at this time.'

      The EventBoard will give this error if the calendar you have selected is read only or there is no calendar selected at all. This is most commonly a permissions error, but there are other scenarios that may cause this error.

      To change this, first check that you have a calendar selected by going to and select Manage → Locations from the anchor menu. Now, select the Details button to the right of the space in question. There you will see a Calendars section. Make sure that the box next to Room Calendar does not have Please Select a Calendar displayed in it.

      If you have selected a calendar but still get this error, you will need to check your calendar system and make sure that you have the right permissions. The procedure for this depends on your calendar system, please refer to the Integration document for your calendar system (/integrations) for more information.

      Lastly, it is possible to have the EventBoard read an ICS calendar that you have subscribed to. The ICS format will only allow read only, and so the 'Allow Reservations' feature will not work. In this case it is best to turn off the feature entirely in your Teem dashboard, or select a different calendar entirely.

      ‘End Events Early’ Doesn’t Do Anything

      You have just finished a meeting early and want to click the 'End Event' button so that others can reserve the room. But when you tap the button on the iPad, and then confirm the meeting is going to end early, nothing happens.

      This can occur in a couple of situations:

      The Exchange 2007 API is being used: The Exchange 2007 is different, and End Events Early functionality is simply not the same as other exchange versions.

      The following two conditions are met:

      If the calendar is an exchange calendar

      The room resource was invited to the event and was scheduled using your desktop computer. It was not created using the quick reserve feature.

      In Exchange, because the event was created by the event organizer, no one else but the event organizer can cancel or modify the event. If your organization desires this feature to work, you may consider changing from a Delegate setup to an Impersonation setup. These 2 setup methods are outlined in the Basics of Exchange article.

      If the circumstance falls outside those two issues, then it could be a permissions issue and that would need to be investigated.

      My Private Meetings Are Being Displayed

      You have made a private meeting, but the event details are appearing on the EventBoard. This is understandably frustrating because you don't want Bob to know what is going on. After all, having a surprise birthday party needs to be kept secret until Bob is actually there.

      By default, Exchange servers are set to have the room resource remove the privacy flag. Super annoying, but it can be changed.

      Remove Private Meetings from Being Displayed Teem

      In Exchange 2010 and earlier, this setting is a simple checkbox on the room properties dialog box. Make sure the box is UNCHECKED to carry over the private flag and respect that.

      In Exchange 2013 and Office 365 you don't get a checkbox, however. The setting can be changed using PowerShell, changing the RemovePrivateProperty to False will do the same thing. Once you have your PowerShell environment setup. Run this command in your Exchange Management Shell:

      'Set-CalendarProcessing "[room name or smtp]" -RemovePrivateProperty $false'

      Exchange Management Shell Command

      And that is it! You can have that surprise party and Bob won't be able to look at the EventBoard and know what is going on. His birthday will be glorious this year!

      Where to Find Crash Logs

      In rare occasions the EventBoard and LobbyConnect apps may crash, when this happens a crash report has been created. This report can be very helpful for us as it will tell our developers what went wrong and will allow them to know if something in the app needs to be fixed or if the crash was due to some other issue with the device.

      Here is how to locate the crash reports on the device, in the event that one of the apps crash.

      On your device click on the Settings app, then select Privacy. Scroll to the bottom of the privacy page. You'll be looking for either "Diagnostics" or "Analytics" depending on your iOS version (instructions for each version available here) Once in here you will see all the crash logs for any app that has recently crashed. What you will want to look for is the name of the app that has crashed and tap on it. You may also see a LatestCrash.ips file. From here you will want to highlight the all the text and copy and paste it into an email and send that text over to us at [email protected]

      iOS Crash Logs Teem App

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