Re-syncing calendars

    September 11th, 2019

    Last updated: September 11th, 2019

      There may be situations that may require you to force re-sync your configured calendar with Teem. Some situations include:

      • missing calendar events in the room display
      • meetings from the room display are not in sync with employee calendar

      Force re-sync can also be used if you wish to ensure that your calendars are properly synced with Teem.

      Calendars automatically re-sync every 8 hours. Calendar events, meeting information, etc. are pushed in real-time as they occur.

      Do the following to force re-sync calendars:

      1.  From the Teem web dashboard, Select Manage > Calendars from the menu tray.

      2. Select the Calendar Account you want to re-sync. 

      3.  From the Calendar column, select the exact calendar(s) that you want re-synced. 

      4. Once selected, click FORCE RESYNC.

      1.  A re-sync progress bar will appear. Once complete, check the Last Sync column and confirm the sync date is recent. 

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