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    Create rooms for employees to reserve using integrated work calendars, Teem mobile, EventBoard, and Booking.

    Last updated: October 1st, 2020

      Create rooms for employees to reserve using integrated work calendars, Teem mobile, EventBoard, and Booking. Meetings scheduled in these rooms will show on EventBoard room displays.

      Space Hierarchy and Override Settings

      Before creating a room, it’s important to understand the Teem space hierarchy and override settings. Space hierarchy is the space structure for your entire organization that defines where your spaces live. 

      Teem’s Space Hierarchy’s various levels in order: 

      • Organization
      • Campus
      • Building
      • Floor
      • Desks, Rooms, and Lobbies

      It’s important to note that you don’t have to set all hierarchy levels’ settings. Many deployments can just set the Organization settings and be ready to go. However, you can override settings anywhere within the hierarchy. Overrides give you the ability to make an exception to any of the default settings you’ve made for your organization and have that exception apply to all levels below in the space hierarchy.

      Learn more about space hierarchy and override settings as well as recommended EventBoard Room Display settings here. 

      Creating Rooms

      Creating a room is very similar to creating a lobby or desk. Do the following to create a room:

      1. From the Teem Dashboard homepage, select Manage > Locations > Directory.

      2. Select the Rooms tab on the Locations screen then select + NEW ROOM to create a new room.

      3. The New Room menu will appear. Enter the new space information:

      • Name - This name will appear on the actual device outside of your configured room.
      • Description - Enter a description of the space. This could be a description of the location of the room for reference.
      • Room Calendar -  Select a calendar to be used to enable room booking and reservation. The room will not be reservable until a calendar is selected.

      Room Calendar

      Unassigned room resource calendars that were previously imported will appear in this list. If you have over 100 calendars imported to Teem, use the Type to Search feature to search for calendars. Rooms are not reservable until the calendar(s) is selected.

      • Room Location - Select the location where the room is living within your campus/building organization. It is important to select an accurate location, as this drives many other Teem features, such as filtering available Rooms by location in Booking and Teem, and Insights.  
      • Space Profile - If you've created a Space Profile template for this type of space, you can select it here to apply the profile's settings and attributes.

      4. Click Save to save your new room and return to the Directory.

      5. Click the Name of the room you just created to see its details. Click the Attributes tab to enter additional information:

      • Capacity - Enter the Capacity (number of chairs) of the room. Capacity is another search parameter that can be used to find a room using Booking and Teem.
      • Notes - Add additional information about the room, such as wifi password. Notes are meant for Teem admins to keep track of room information and will not appear in the app for non-admin roles.
      • Photo - Upload a picture of the space to help people identify the room.
      • Amenities - Select the type of amenities (e.g. TV, Airplay, Whiteboard, etc.) that will be available in the room. These resources can be used to narrow your search parameters for room selections while booking and can be used for Work Requests.

      6. Select Save to save your room information.

      You have successfully created your EventBoard Room at this point.

      Licensing Rooms

      Teem Room licenses are attached to rooms, rather than devices. Users can attach multiple devices to a given room, and the devices will share settings and a license.

      As long as you have Teem Room licenses available, rooms will be automatically licensed when they are created. We know there are some times when things don’t work out that way, and you may have acquired the licenses after you created the room.  If you find yourself with an unlicensed room, follow these steps to correct it:

      1. From the Teem Dashboard homepage, look at your license count in the Plan Summary section. Make sure you have available Room licenses to assign. If you don’t, please contact our Customer Success team.

      2. Once you’ve ensured you have a license available, browse to the unlicensed room by going to Manage > Locations  > Directory. From the Rooms tab, find the room that is not licensed in the options that populate below. You can also search for it by name.

      3. Click the Name of the unlicensed room. In the Overview tab, toggle the License button to enable the license for the room. 

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