EventBoard for iPad - Install and Setup

    This article explains how to set up EventBoard on your iPad, as well as all of the iPad settings that could affect EventBoard’s performance on the iPad.

    Last updated: December 11th, 2018

      This article explains how to set up EventBoard on your iPad, as well as all of the iPad settings that could affect EventBoard’s performance on the iPad.

      Downloading EventBoard for iOS

      On your iPad, locate the App Store, in the search box at the top right of your screen type in EventBoard. You will want to look for a blue EB logo with 'teem' below it. Tap ‘Get’ next to the logo.

      Eventboard Teem App Icon

      Once it has downloaded it will appear on your home screen of your device. Tab the EB icon, this will launch the app. You will now see a 5 digit pin code on the screen. Follow this article to learn how to add your EventBoard display to your Teem dashboard.

      Eventboard App Dashboard Ipad Install

      Display Controls


      Teem provides a variety of controls to assist you in getting the perfect settings in your environment. You can mass-apply settings to your devices, or you can set them individually. This is useful for different information in a public meeting room vs. an exec’s meeting room.


      There are a wide variety of booking policies and Teem can accommodate most companies. This includes the ability to create events from the device, require participants to check-in, and delete or cancel events from the device.


      We understand that some information is private and should not be exposed on a public-facing device. Through the Teem admin dashboard, we can manage what information is being displayed on the EventBoard tablet.

      Device Display Hours

      Keep your Display Devices from being fully lit all day, every day, by scheduling device hours. Though iPads do not typically experience burn-in, the cost of always-on displays can get expensive. Dimmed-down displays will also allow devices to run cooler in an enclosure. We recommend that customers set up device hours to be on during work hours and off during away hours. This setting is applied in your admin dashboard, rather than on the iPad. See instructions here.

      Enabling Guided Access Mode

      To Enable Guided Access Mode

      In iOS we have the ability to set up Guided Access Mode on the device. This mode will disable any physical button and lock the device on the EventBoard app. In the unlikely event that EventBoard crashes, if it is in Guided Access Mode, the app will reboot itself.

      1. On your iPad, go to the iPad Settings.

      2. Tap General.

      3. Tap Accessibility.

      Accessibility Settings in iOS

      4. Tap Guided Access.

      5. Toggle Guided Access, and Accessibility Shortcut ON.

      6. If you're using iOS 12.1.1 or later, you'll also need to toggle the Mirror Display Auto-Lock ON.

      6. Next, set the Passcode, and make sure to document it somewhere.

      To Launch Guided Access Mode

      1. Launch the EventBoard app and press the Home Button on the device 3 times. This will launch the app into Guided Access Mode Setup.

      2. Press Resume or Start to begin Guided Access Mode.

      3. Press the Home Button on the device 3 times to exit. This will bring up the password prompt, once entered, you can tap End to exit Guided Access and leave the EventBoard app.

      Additional information about Guided Access can be found on Apple's website:http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5509?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_U

      Suggested iPad Settings

      Here at Teem, we have found certain device settings allow for a smoother experience using EventBoard. While settings should be selected based upon individual needs, the following can be a great baseline:

      Under Wi-Fi, set Ask to Join Networks to OFF.

      Disable Ask to Join Networks iOS Settings

      We have found that when this is on and Wi-Fi drops while in Guided Access, the iPad may reboot.

      Under Bluetooth turn bluetooth OFF.

      Turn Bluetooth off in Apple IOS

      Bluetooth is only needed for a few things. By turning that off you can conserve, and better use, the battery.

      Under General → Background App Refresh, make sure that EventBoard is set to ON.

      Enable Eventboard Background App Refresh iOS

      This is a required setting to make sure that we can get the updates that we need.

      Under General → Date & Time, turn ON Set Automatically and confirm the appropriate Time Zone.

      iOS TimezoneSettings for Eventboard

      This can help EventBoard know the device time zone and localize some specific time displays. In addition, this can help avoid time drift in the app itself.

      Under Privacy, turn Location Services ON.

      Turn on Location Settings Eventboard iOS

      Turn Off iCloud.

      Under iCloud: If you are using specific iCloud Calendars or iCloud Contacts turn off the following: iCloud Drive, Photos, Mail, Reminders, Safari, Backup set to OFF, Find My iPad set to OFF. If you are not using these iCloud assets, sign out of iCloud. Following this, turn off Messages and FaceTime.

      iCloud can be noisy. Notifications about FaceTime, Messaging, Missing Backups, etc. will appear on every device that the iCloud account is on, appearing in front of EventBoard and possibly making the app backgrounded.

      For those who also want to have improved security once EventBoard is on, we encourage the use of Guided Access Mode.

      How do I make 24 Hour time show up?

      Occasionally, we'll get the request to have the iPads display in 24 Hour time. Here is a run through on how this is done.

      First, you'll need to make sure your iPad is up to date on the latest iOS software.

      Next, you'll go to the Settings app, then click on the General tab.

      Once here, you'll select the Language & Region button pictured below. iOS Settings for Language and Region for Eventboard Setup

      In the Language & Region menu, you'll select the iPad Language option and change it to your desired language. iPad Language iOS Settings

      You'll then change the region to the United States. Change Region iOS Eventboard iPad setup

      Now you can go back to the General menu and select the Date & Time option. Date and Time Settings iOS Eventboard App setup

      Tap the 24-Hour Time toggle to on. 24-Hour Toggle iOS Eventboard Setup

      Once this is done, force close and re-open the EventBoard app to ensure the time is being displayed in the desired format.

      If everything is displayed to your liking, ensure your time zone is correct. Be sure to leave the region as the United States.

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