EventBoard for Android - Install and Setup

    Teem is now available for select Android tablets. Learn how to Install and Setup your Eventboard using Android.

    Last updated: September 19th, 2019

      We officially recommend the Samsung Tab A, which we have thoroughly tested to ensure that manufacturer-installed software does not create a conflict with EventBoard. In addition, Samsung firmware supports Simulcharge, which can deliver power and network over micro USB.

      We  support other Android tablets that meet the following requirements:

      • 7” screen or larger
      • Android OS 6.x or higher
      • The device must support encryption to ensure your data is secure

      Download EventBoard Application 

      Download and install the EventBoard app from the Google Play Store onto your Android device.

      Pair Room with Device 

      1. Log into Teem web dashboard. Select Manage > Locations from the menu tray.

      2. From the listed locations, navigate to the room that will be associated with the device.

      1. Select  + ACTIVATE DEVICE.

      2. Look at your tablet and find the 5 digit pin code.

      Teem App Splash Screen with Pin Code

         5. In the dashboard within the New Device page, enter the following:

      • Turnkey Activation Code: this is the 5 digit code from the app
      • Name: enter a name for this room display
      • Description: provide a short description of the device or how it's used
      • Device Location:  select the space where this device will be used

         6. Select Save.

      Lock Device to EventBoard App

      Now that you have connected the device to a room, you can lock the device to prevent employees from navigating away from EventBoard. 

      Android Pinning

      The app needs to be unpinned in order to receive configuration changes.

      Features Available for Android

      Most of our features translate to both iOS and Android with no problem. However, there are exceptions. Local calendars aren't available on Android, for instance. Instead, Teem CloudSync service must be used to sync calendar events.

      As you look through the Teem admin dashboard, look for the logos next to some toggles or settings. If the Android icon is not present, that feature is not available at this time for Android. Examples include custom themes and portrait mode.

      Allow Reservations Eventboard settings.

      Update Android Devices

      For devices that were installed using AFW prior to September 2019, you can update Android devices directly from your Teem Admin Dashboard.  All other devices that were downloaded and installed directly from the play store, it can be updated via the play store.

      1. Start in your dashboard at App.Teem.com

      2. Go to Manage > Locations then navigate to the location you want to update.

      3. Select the options icon then select Update Android Devices.

      At this point, any available updates will be pushed to your Android devices.

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