LobbyConnect Deliveries

    May 4th, 2020

    Last updated: May 4th, 2020

      On LobbyConnect’s check in screen, there is a submenu at the bottom to track deliveries, pre-registrations and guest check outs.

      When the delivery feature is turned on, whoever is dropping off a delivery won’t have to fill in additional information. They simply push the Delivery button and whoever has been designated to receive delivery notifications will be notified of the delivery’s arrival.

      Enabling the Delivery Feature

      1. Login to app.teem.com and navigate to Manage > Apps & Integrations > LobbyConnect. 

      2. Scroll down to the Deliveries section. 

      3. Start typing in the Delivery Contact field to add the name(s) of those you want to be notified when a delivery arrives. 

      4. Select Save.

      Note: Delivery contacts will be notified via your preferred notification method (i.e. email, SMS or both.) If you have the Slack integration set up for LobbyConnect, delivery notifications will also be sent to your delivery contacts in Slack.

      Disabling the Delivery Feature

      To disable the Delivery feature, simply remove any Delivery Contacts from the field. The delivery option will be removed from the LobbyConnect home screen.

      Troubleshooting Delivery Notifications

      If the notification is not being sent to the Delivery contact, the primary issue is that the contact's email or phone number are incorrect or not receiving notifications.

      Verify the contact's information and if you're still having issues, email us at [email protected].

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