Set Up the Teem App

    Quickly set up the Teem app to enjoy its productivity features

    Last updated: December 4th, 2020

      Teem makes it easy to use the mobile app. Follow the instructions below to begin using the app.

      Download and Sign-In

      • Download the Teem app on your Android or iOS device. 
      • Bluetooth and location services must be enabled to check you into meetings without needing to open the app. 
        • iOS - Go to your phone Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Teem > Always.
        • Android - Go to your phone Settings > Location > App Permissions. Under ”Allowed all the time" and “Allowed only while in use,” make sure Teem location is allowed.
      • Most organizations sync user logins between their email system and Teem. If your organization is synced, select the appropriate login options and follow the instructions.
        • Office 365
        • Google
        • Company SSO
          • Company SSO option must be used if your company uses SSO.
          • If your company does not have managed user syncing, then enter your company email address and password.

      Calendar Sync

      1. Once you're logged in, from the app home, select Profile > Calendar Accounts.

      If you are signed in using SSO or a managed user account, calendar information is automatically synced. You will not see the Calendar Accounts option on the Profile page.

      2. Be sure to sync the appropriate calendar that your phone has edit privileges to. This allows you to book spaces through the Teem App. Go to your Profile > Calendar Accounts > Select Calendar.

      If you don’t see your appropriate work calendar in Calendar Accounts, you will need to add the account within your phone settings. Go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Add Account.

      Office Location

      By default, the Teem App will automatically filter for nearby spaces based on your home location. If you’d prefer to choose your default location, you can do that with through the My Office screen.

      1. Go to your Profile > My Office > Select Campus, Building, and Floor. Here, you can change your default location by Campus, Building, and Floor.


      By default, event notifications are enabled. You can manage this setting by going to Profile > My Office > Notifications. Here, you can configure the following notifications:

      • Upcoming Events - Get notified about your upcoming event, and other general notifications about your calendar related to Teem.
      • Participant Status - Get notified about participant status.

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