Mobile App Overview

    The Teem Mobile app is designed to be your mobile and convenience companion. Learn about the app's features.

    Last updated: December 4th, 2020

      The Teem Mobile App is designed to help you stay flexible. You can view real-time room and desk availability from home, and feel empowered with information to decide if you feel comfortable coming into the office that day. Schedule meeting rooms while on the go, book desks next to your project collaborators, and find your way around the office with maps that eliminate endless wandering. 

      The Teem Mobile App is available in the App Store and Google Play


      The Teem Mobile App supports:

      • iOS - Version 11 and newer
      • Android - Version 4.4 and newer

      App Features

      Have the power of Teem in your hands. With Teem's Mobile App, you have access to the following features:

      • Space Booking
        • Filter Spaces
        • Map and List Views
        • Booking
      • Agenda
      • Profile

      Space Booking

      Easily search for rooms or desks that best fit your daily agenda. Filter spaces based on each meeting's needs, and view your options from a map or list view. Booking space has never been simpler.

      Filter Spaces

      Filter by space type, availability, location, capacity, and amenities. You can ensure that rooms or desks have all the tools you need to have the most productive day possible. 

      Map and List Views

      Maps make it easier for you to find your way around a floor space. Use the Filter menu to find your building and floor if your company has more than one, and once you designate the space type, availability, capacity, and amenities, the pool of available spaces will appear in maps and list views. Your filters will persist as you switch between the two views. 

      In the Map view, you can quickly see colored status indicators for each space that matches your criteria, allowing you to quickly select a space to reserve. Tapping any of the spaces will show a brief info card to complete your booking.

      List View will show the brief info cards of all the spaces that match your criteria and allow you to quickly scroll through the spaces and select one to complete your booking.

      Map View
      List View


      Reserve rooms or desks from the mobile app with one-click. Dynamic reservation shortcuts allow you to reserve space until the next hour or half hour directly from the space search, making ad-hoc meeting reservations a breeze. You can also specify a specific duration and date in the meeting details screen.
      Meeting Details



      View your scheduled meetings and room bookings for the day.  View meeting details, check-in to meetings, or mark that you are running late all from the agenda screen that stays in sync with your regular work calendar. You can even add space to meetings that were set up using other 

      Meeting Details


      Manage your default floor view, notification settings, and other options using the Profile page.

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