What is Finder

    Space booking, room status, and wayfinding is easier than ever with Finder

    Last updated: October 17th, 2019

      Finder is a space booking and wayfinding tool that helps employees easily connect with their workplace community. It combines an intuitive touch interface with a seamless at-a-glance view of the workplace, making it easy to book rooms and desks ad hoc, search for coworkers, and navigate via maps.

      How Finder works

      Finder works by configuring a view (map or list view) of a particular campus, building, or floor. For example, Finder can display the location and availability of meeting rooms on a particular floor. 

      Finder Map View

      Finder List View

      Finder key features

      The key feature of Finder is the ability to quickly provide information to an employee or visitor when visiting a space. By interacting with Finder using an optional touch-enabled digital signage display, people can:

      • Search for employees and their desk location across different floors
      • See the availability of meeting rooms across different floors
      • See the available of desks or work locations
      • Book a meeting room right from Finder

      Finder helps people quickly get acquainted with a particular location and assist with optimizing their time in the office space.

      Finder offers two types of views that can be used with a digital signage display:

      1. Map View
      2. List View

      Map View

      List View

      Finder Hardware

      Digital Signage

      Finder uses Digital Signage hardware to display information to people. Teem by WeWork provides a list of recommended digital signage hardware that has been tested to work with Finder. Option include touch and non-touch enabled displays. 

      Digital Signage Service (Content Management Service)

      Finder is deployed and display on digital signage devices using a URL pasted into a web browser. Digital Signage Services makes it easy to remotely manage and update devices. Without the service, admins will need to physically visit and deploy Finder views in each display.

      Finder Availability 

      Enterprise plans add the ability to deploy maps and interactive floor plans and be used with touch-enabled displays. All other plans include Finder but limit it to non-interactive and list views only.

      Get started with Finder

      Check the following to make sure you are ready to get started using Finder:

      1. Confirm your company’s subscription plan. Remember: Finder Maps + Interactive feature is only available in Enterprise plans.

      2. Procure the digital signage hardware and service based on your company needs and Teem by WeWork subscription plan.

      3. Create the Finder views.

      4. Deploy Finder URLs to your digital signage display.

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