Finder Hardware Requirements Overview

    Recommended hardware specifications for Finder

    Last updated: March 9th, 2020

      The success of your Finder implementation also depends on using proper hardware to support Finder.  To deploy and maintain Finder in your workspace, begin by reviewing the following information:

      • Digital Signage Basics 
      • Digital Signage Service (Content Management Service)
      • Digital Signage Hardware Specifications
      • Hardware Signage Hardware Procurement

      Digital Signage Basics

      Digital Signage is a class of device typically used for commercial signage. The displays range in sizes and use LCD, OLED, LED, or Projection technologies to display information. Display devices can be found in offices, retails spaces, and other places to provide wayfinding, marketing, event details, and other types of information. 

      Digital Signage Service (Content Management Service)

      Digital Signage Service, also known as Content Management Service, is a type of service that can complement digital signage hardware. It provides remote management capability for digital signage hardware. With a digital signage service, you can remotely:

      • update device software or firmware
      • change device configurations
      • manage system settings

      Finder configuration requires entering the URL of a map on a web browser on a supported device. Without a digital signage service, a person will need to physically set up the Finder list/map view URL on each device. At scale, it could be difficult to manage multiple devices without the service.

      You are not required to have a digital signage service but be aware of the extra steps needed to manage devices.

      Teem recommends TelemetryTV as a comprehensive digital signage service provider.

      Digital Signage Hardware Specifications

      The initial hardware requirements for Finder are: 

      • Display - This is the digital signage display that Finder will use for wayfinding

        • Recommended Horizontal (width) range for visibility and usability: 24”- 50”.

        • Touch-enabled or non-touch. (non-touch devices are view only)

      • Media Player (Computer Module) - This powers the content on the page and enables touch capabilities for the display.

        • Each display must have a media player to function properly.

        • It’s important to note, some displays have media players built in to the device itself (e.g., iPad Pro). However, some do not. Check with your display provider to find out if the media player is included or not and if it can successfully power a modern web browser running Finder.

      • Digital Signage Service (Content Management Service) - This provides remote media player management.

        • Though it’s possible to manually deploy content to your media players without a digital signage service, it’s recommended that you use a service to manage content remotely especially if you plan to have more than 5 Finder signages.

        • These usually cost a monthly fee per device.

        • If you procure a Finder recommended hardware, it will come with a native content management service.

        • If you do not already have a service, we highly recommend TelemetryTV for all your digital signage needs. TelemetryTV can also help standardize your signage service for easier management.

      Digital Signage Hardware Procurement

      Teem has multiple partnerships with distributors and resellers that can procure the recommended digital signage hardware for Finder. The section below is a list of SKUs for the recommended hardware:

      • Finder Floor Kit 32 - kit to place a stand-alone kiosk anywhere in the office
        • Display: 32" Digital Touch Display: Elo 3202 PCAP (SKU# E222371)
        • Media Player: Elo Backpack (SKU# E611864)
        • Kiosk Stand: Peerless-AV standard landscape stand (SKU# Peerless SS575K)
      • Finder Floor Kit 46 - kit to place a stand-alone kiosk anywhere in the office
        • Display: 46" Digital Touch Display: Elo 4602 PCAP (SKU# E222373)
        • Media Player: Elo Backpack (SKU# E611864)
        • Kiosk Stand: Peerless-AV custom landscape stand (SKU# Peerless ECN33027-46)
      • Finder Wall Kit 46 - kit to mount a kiosk to the wall
        • Display: 46" Digital Touch Display: Elo 4602 PCAP (SKU# E222373)
        • Media Player: Elo Backpack (SKU# E611864)
        • Mounting Equipment: Elo wall mount (SKU# Elo E275050)

      Although you can procure your hardware based on our minimum hardware specifications, Teem recommends going through our trained partners who are aware of all Finder requirements and specifications. We have a partnership with BlueStar to offer our recommended hardware to resellers. You can also purchase directly from CDW. If you have a preferred reseller, have them contact BlueStar to acquire Finder's recommended equipment. 

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