Create and Deploy Finder Views

    Finder can be shown on a monitor in a central location on each floor for everyone to reference in a list or map view. Learn how to add a Finder view in this article.

    Last updated: October 30th, 2019

      Finder makes meeting rooms and huddle spaces more visible for employees by showing real-time status for these spaces in your organization. Finder can be shown on a monitor in a central location on each floor for everyone to reference in a list or map view. Finder is easy to deploy using digital signage hardware.

      Create & Configure Finder Views

      1. From the Teem Dashboard homepage, select Manage > Apps & Integrations > Finder.

      2. Create a new view by selecting + NEW VIEW.

      3. In the New Finder View, enter the following information:

      • New View - Enter a name for the location.

      • Choose Location* - Use the search bar or location tree to select and highlight the location for this *Finder view.

      *Select a floor with a map. If you want to display a read-only list, select any floor or building to be displayed without an associated map.

      • Enable Map Mode - Enable to display a map. A map must be associated with the location. List view will be set as default if the map option is not enabled.

        • If map view is enabled, configure the additional options:

          1. Read-Only View - If you don’t have touch-enabled hardware, disable this option.

          2. Map View Configuration - Configure the map display:

            1. Set desired orientation (16:9 or 4:3 horizontal view)

            2. Select Add Pin to mark the ‘You are here’ location.

            3. Pick a map theme (dark or light)

            4. Click DONE. (This map configuration is not saved until you save the Finder view.)

      4. Select Save.

      Deploy Finder Views on Digital Signage

      Once the view is configured, the Finder view can be deployed to the digital signage display that will show the new Finder information:

      1. From the Finder page, select COPY URL from the relevant view. Paste the URL in your digital signage web browser to display the new view.

      • If you have a digital signage service like Telemetry TV, the URLs can easily be deployed remotely without physically visiting and setting up the URL on the digital signage. Teem by WeWork recommends Telemetry TV to standardize for digital signage service standardization.

      • If you do not have a digital signage service, you will need to physically visit the digital signage hardware. The URL will need to be manually entered in on the signage’s browser. URL shortening tools like Bitly could help reduce the URL character count.

      Click here for additional FAQs regarding Finder.

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